Drill of the Week:  One Shot on One Dot

This drill isn’t ‘fancy’ or necessarily ‘fun’… but this week we are featuring this classic drill because too many people often overlook its importance.  What is the drill exactly?  It’s just like it sounds, fire one shot on one dot.

From the high or low ready position, smoothly present the gun to the target, obtain proper sight picture, smoothly pull trigger, reacquire sight picture, remove finger from trigger, return to ready position.

Click here to view the drill.

 If you have taken some of our classes, you’ll notice that we often start off with this drill.  We do this because it’s a great drill to reinforce all the fundamentals in a slow and controlled manner.  This drill also gives us many repetitions on the most important shot – the first shot.  You will find this particularly helpful if you have a double action only, or double action/single action pistol.  If your gun has a double action, you should be decocking after each shot.  Unless you are testing yourself ‘cold’, this is a great drill for everyone to warm up with.  The ‘One Shot on One Dot’ drill will help you learn, or reinforce, the fundamentals – one shot at a time.  It’s also a great drill for conserving ammunition while getting in good practice on something useful!