Every Day Carry (EDC)

EDC, or ‘Every Day Carry’ is a VERY fascinating topic. Recently, we stumbled across some very interesting websites (example here and here) that got our creative juices flowing. So, we decided to start a blog series on the BluCore Blog about EDC. We know a LOT of our fans and customers carry a variety of different ‘tools’ every day.

Below is an example of what one BluCore Shooting Center staff member carries every day and some of the logic behind his choices.

EDC Items
Every Day Carry Items

Every Day Carry Items:

  • (Bottom Row) 
  • Tumi wallet w/ integral money clip
  • iPhone w/ MagPul case
  • Benchmade ‘Mel Pardue’ design knife
  • Ruger LCP loaded w/ 2 Glaser Safety Slugs and 4 Hornady Critical Defense Rounds (.380)
  • Galco Gun leather clip style holster
  • Ultralight 5.11 LED flashlight
  • All weather aircraft aluminum ink pen
  • (Upper right corner moving clockwise)
  • Springfield XD 9mm Sub compact loaded w/ 2 Glaser Safety Slugs and 11 Hornady Critical Defense Rounds
  • Spare Magazine loaded w/ 2 Glaser Safety Slugs and 14 Hornady Critical Defense Rounds
  • Tucker Gun Leather IWB style holster
  • Surefire E2D LED Defender
  • Work keys
  • Car keys
  • (Upper left corner)
  • Medium and Small Moleskin journals
  • Spare, fine point ink pens
  • iPhone head phones (standard issue)
  • and of course a Combat Mindset (more on that later…..)

Explanations / clarifications:

I know EXACTLY what you are thinking. “How can one possibly carry that much stuff?” Well, I don’t necessarily have ALL of this on me at any one time. I usually have my wallet, phone, knife, light, pen, keys and one gun on me. The rest is usually w/in reach inside of my laptop bag. I can always adjust what I’m carrying to the situation. Sometimes, you can get away w/ carrying a larger firearm. Other times you can’t even carry a knife. As we said in the military “Situation and Terrain will dictate….” A fancy way of saying “It depends.” 

I really like my newest wallet / money clip. Used to just carry all my cards and some cash in a rubber band. That lead to my cards getting worn out prematurely. The wallet protects the cards in the pocket and is still small enough to carry in the front pocket. HATE carrying anything in back pocket. 

Love my iPhone. It’s been a great ‘tool’ thus far. Probably use it more than anything. Have experimented w/ a LOT of iPhone covers. Some are too slick and slide out of your hands or off the dash/center counsel. Others are too ‘grippy’ and you can’t get them out of your pocket. The MagPul iPhone case seems to be a great mix of grippy & smooth. Not to grippy…not to slippery. 

Have really started to like my little Ruger .380. I don’t always carry this gun, but it’s a great option for when you have to ‘go light.’ Obviously, I need to pick up a spare mag for it b/c of it’s small capacity. Of course, many will argue the validity of having such a small gun for self-defense. They definitely have a point. That being said, a small gun in your pocket (or inside the waist band) is better than that race gun at home. As long as you train with the gun regularly and reach some level of proficiency w/ it, I say go for it. I can draw and fire 6 rounds into a post-it note at 3-4 yards pretty quickly. I can do the same to a note card at 5 yards. In many cases, that would be sufficient. I really like the holster for this little gun. It comes on and off very easily. It can be worn near the appendix, on the side or even the 4 o’clock w/ ease and comfort. It’s a great option for when you can’t carry something bigger.

My Benchmade knife is one of my other favorites. The 530 Mel Pardue design is thin and light. There is almost NO excuse to not have a knife on you when you can get one this light and thin. With some practice and basic knife training, you can get pretty good at quickly deploying this little knife. It’s not the best utility knife. If I think I’m going to be doing that sort of thing, I carry something different. This one is purely a self defense tool. 

The little 5.11 flashlight and self-defense style pen were gifts. I can easily carry the little light in a pocket. It’s not the brightest light, but it’s sufficient. As we all know, it’s important to have good target ID in all situations. At night, that requires a light. The pen can be used for self defense if necessary. It’s not sharp on the end, but if hold it correctly and thrust it at someone, you can do some damage. As we all know, we can’t ALWAYS carry a gun (or even a knife). There aren’t a lot of places prohibiting the carrying of flash lights or pens. 

The Springfield XD 9mm Sub Compact is a great little hand gun. I have yet to find a gun of similar size that matches it in magazine capacity. The small magazine sits flush and still manages to hold 13 9mm rounds. The extended magazine holds 16! When I carry this gun, it’s typically w/ the small magazine. In some instances, I do carry the spare (either in a mag pouch or just in my brief case). When it’s not convenient to carry this gun on me, it’s in the lap top bag (inside the holster) ready and waiting. I have the magazines loaded just like the Ruger LCP magazines. The first couple of rounds are Glaser Safety Slugs. The theory is that these work great up close and do a lot of damage w/out over penetrating. After that, the magazines are filled up w/ Hornady Critical Defense rounds. It’s been a pretty well reviewed round thus far. I’m in the process of experimenting w/ the new Liberty Ultra Defense rounds. I like what I see thus far. I really like how light it makes the magazines. I need to do some more research and testing before making the switch to this bullet though (more to follow no doubt!) The Tucker Gun Leather holster is top notch. I really like the features and how easily it adjusts. Plus, it’s extremely comfortable. It’s not as easy to take on and off as the little Galco. I’m in the process of looking for a small kydex holster that I can quickly take on and off for my 9mm. I’m also a huge fan of Cross breed holsters. I intend to buy one soon and test it. We have a LOT of them here at the shop. Not pictured above, but pictured below is an image of my belt. I really like these belts by Blade Tech. As many of you know, the belt is a VERY critical part of how you carry your preferred firearm. It has to be able to hold the gun in the right spot. This belt does that and, more importantly, it doesn’t look like a duty or tactical belt. Nothing says “I’m carrying” quite like a tactical belt. 

gun belt & holster
Gun, belt and holster

The surefire E2D LED Defender is a really awesome flashlight. It’s SUPER bright and heavy duty. The front of the bezel is has a raised strike surface. It protects the light and allows you to use the light as a striking tool. If you can’t carry your gun somewhere, you need to have this light (or a similar light). It can be used to deter people if they are getting close. It can also be used to temporarily blind and strike if necessary. Obviously, it can also be used to see things in the distance at night or simply ID a target. I like lights.

Surefire E2D LED Defender

Work keys and car keys are self explanatory. I can quickly connect or separate the 2 sets. I need to add a small mini-tool and a woven 550 cord (para cord) lanyard as well. 

I constantly use (and fill) my moleskin journals. I love taking them out and writing down notes or just ideas. The medium sized one slides in and out of my laptop bag easily. The small one is in the bag as well. I can carry it on me if I so choose. Never know when you are going to have a great idea. Gotta make sure you capture it! I also love the fine point ink pens. I can seem to cram more words into the journal w/ a fine point. Everyone’s different on that one. Just personal preference. 

For the headphones, I’m not much of an audiophile. So, I just used the standard iPhone headphones. I love using them for conference calls on the iPhone. I keep them in the brief case as well. 

The last and MOST IMPORTANT tool is my Combat Mindset. I am always on the alert. I leave the house w/ the attitude that it is unlikely I’ll face a scenario that requires me to use any of this to save my life but it is definitely possible. It’s a balance between being prepared and being worried. I choose NOT to worry, yet be prepared. 

As I finish up explaining the ‘stuff’ I carry, I realize I’m leaving out one critical item…my watch. This watch has served me well. I’ve already replaced the batteries on it twice. It keeps on ticking! I’ve recently replaced the strap as well. It’s been on 5 combat deployments, countless training trips, dozens of skiing trips and all my recent hunting trips. It is the Suunto Observer. It was issued to me back in 2005. It tells time, altitude, pressure, has a compass and even opens beer bottles…. As you can see, it has seen a few milesHere is a link of me opening a beer w/ my trusted Suunto Observer. 

suunto observer
Suunto Observer

So there you have it. One person’s example of his ‘Every Day Carry‘ items. As mentioned, not all of this stuff is always on him. But most of it is usually w/in reach. The biggest thing is his attitude….his Combat Mindset. We couldn’t agree more. Of all the things you carry, attitude and mindset are the most important. Don’t be paranoid…just be prepared!

Let us know what you think here. What are your thoughts? What do you carry? Please email us w/ your submissions and stay tuned to similar articles on the future!


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