Shooter Profiles # 3 and # 4: Jeanne & Meg Gosbee

If you have been following BluCore’s Facebook page for a while, you may recognize these two ladies… the Gosbee gals!  They were highlighted in a Channel 7 news segment back in February 2012 called, “Bonding Over Bullets.”  (Click on the link to read the story and watch the video that aired on Channel 7.)

We are so pleased that Jeanne and Meg agreed to be part of our series, “The New Face of Gun Ownership in America.”  They do not fit the mold of the gun owner that is perpetuated by the media, but they absolutely fit the mold of the modern gun owners that we see coming into our range and retail facility every day.  Enjoy our Q&A with the Gosbee Gals below and check out a short video of Meg’s interview on YouTube.

Names:    Jeanne Gosbee & Meg Gosbee

Ages:       Jeanne – forever young / Meg – 31

Home:    Arvada, CO


BCSC: How long have you been shooting?

Jeanne: 5 – 6 years

Meg:  3+ years


BCSC: What got you into shooting?

Jeanne:  I used to work long hours after dark alone in unoccupied manufacturing area late at night.  After I received my concealed carry permit, I decided that I needed serious training to become proficient.

Meg:  My mom.


BCSC: What type of shooting do you do the most?

Jeanne:  I practice at the range with my 9mm.  I took private lessons once a week for 2 years, and I will start up again after holidays.

Meg:  Target practice with a handgun.


BCSC: What types of ranges do you like to shoot at?

Jeanne:  I like ranges that are clean, where I can reserve ahead, modern, and temperature to my liking.  When the heat didn’t work, Tom used to say, “Suck it up, you’re training for arctic conditions.”

Meg:  Indoor ranges mostly.


BCSC: Do you have a concealed carry permit?

Jeanne:  I have carried concealed for 5 1/2 years.

Meg:  No.  Adams County makes it too hard to get.  I did take the class.


BCSC: If so, what type of gun do you conceal?

Jeanne:  I’ve carried a variety of 9mm pistols.

Meg:  N/A


BCSC: Do you have a gun at home for self-defense? What kind?

Jeanne:  We keep handguns, ARs, shotguns, and Don’s 50.

Meg:  Handguns – 9mm and .22 caliber.


BCSC: Are you a hunter? 

Jeanne:  I don’t hunt.  My husband, Don, does.

Meg:  No.


BCSC: What is your political affiliation, if any? 

Jeanne:   Politically I’m a constitutional conservative who votes Republican.

Meg:  Conservative Libertarian.


BCSC: What is your favorite gun to shoot?

Meg:  My 9mm Glock.


BCSC: What is the next gun you’d like to get?

Jeanne:   I would like a shorter 9mm for easier concealment.

Meg:  I haven’t researched it yet.


BCSC: What are the best reasons to learn how to shoot? 

Jeanne:  Physical self-confidence and discipline with a weapon.  In addition, while I’m not stupidly over-confident, learning to shoot has disciplined me to be more aware of physical surroundings, analysis of situations, and consequences (but I think this latter discipline has been learned after you guys training me.)

Meg:  General knowledge, gun safety.


BCSC: What would you tell others who think shooting is not for them? 

Jeanne:  Tell others?  If female, they are stupid and personally irresponsible.  If male and a good guy, it’s a serious skill to protect persons they value.

Meg:  It might not be for them.  Shooting isn’t for everyone.  However, I would challenge them if it was fear of guns holding them back.  Knowledge of firearms takes much of the scary danger side of it away.  Understanding how a gun works and how to use it makes shooting a fun and valuable skill.


Thank you to Jeanne & Meg for taking the time to be part of our New Faces of Gun Ownership blog series.  We see a wide variety of people everyday who own and shoot guns for many reasons including competitive shooting, hunting, personal protection, or just because it’s a fun hobby to do with friends. We think you will agree, “Gun ownership is becoming more and more mainstream, and gun ownership is a very AMAZING part about being an American!”

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