Team BluCore Dominates at IDPA Match

If you have ever visited our Lakewood gun range/gun store, you have probably noticed that our employees are very enthusiastic about guns and shooting.  In fact, many of our employees compete in a variety of shooting competitions year round.

Team BluCore always fairs well at these competitions, but we were so proud to hear that at the latest Front Range IDPA match, seven of the top ten shooters were BluCore Shooting Center employees or members!

Jake McCracken took 1st Place overall at this match!  Great job, Jake!!!  Here is how our employees placed in the overall ratings:

1st:  Jake McCracken
2nd: Sean Hickey
3rd:  Kris VanWagner
6th:  Matthew Morford
8th:  Mark Johnson

By Division

Enhanced Service Pistol class:  1st Place, Jake McCracken.  2nd Place, Kris VanWagner.

Stock Service Pistol class:  1st Place, Sean Hickey.  2nd Place, Matthew Morford.  3rd Place, Mark Johnson.

We also want to congratulate two BluCore members who finished in high standing.  Mike Bachmann earned 5th Place in the Custom Defensive Pistol division, and Scott Lapaglia finished 4th in the Enhanced Service Pistol division and 7th overall.

Great shooting, guys!


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